My name is Daniel Lovell. The idea for this website was born when everything started to look rather bleak in 2020. Like most people, I wanted to escape the city I lived in. Being hemmed in and surrounded by people was making me yearn for rolling hills and open skies.

Lockdown rules meant that I wasn’t able to get out and do what I loved: camping. Since my childhood, I have planned and carried out many successful hikes into the wild. Over the years, I’ve improved my navigational and survival skills, and I’ve found useful hacks and techniques to deal with common hiking and camping problems. 

As I couldn’t get out of the city in 2020 to pursue my passion, I thought the next best thing would be to explore it through writing. That’s how this site came about. It’s primarily a space where I can record the hacks and techniques that I’ve learned to cope with challenges in the wilderness. It’s also a place where I can review new outdoor tools and gadgets to help you (and me!) decide whether they’re worth investing in. 

We’re all on a journey, and this site is a record of where I’ve been, and a guide for future adventures.

Happy hiking!


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